Easy Hair Routine for All Hair Types


Tory has been a stylist and owner of Native Mane Salon in Decatur GA for over 10 years. Inspired by her mother who was a hairstylist, Tory grew up in the industry. Tory loves being a stylist and creating meaningful relationships with clients and co-workers while building trust and sharing a common love of hair. Tory’s Favorite type of client is the kind who sits down and says “Do whatever you want, I trust you and it always turns out amazing".

What gets you through the tough moments/days? What's your life mantra?

I get to do art and make people feel beautiful as a job.

What makes Saphira stand out from other brands?

The Healing is incomparable to any other line I've ever used. I especially love to use The One daily to rehydrate my ends and then I finish with the Mineral Drop to hydrate and lock in moisture. The Mineral Drop really hydrates and seals moisture on to dry ends.

Tory's Tips for Using Saphira Products

I love using the Sculpting Lotion on my bridal blowouts for that extra volume plus hold that lasts all night long!

Easy Hair Routine for Normal/Dry Hair

  1. My recommendation for an easy routine for normal/dry hair is to use the Mineral Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner.
  2. Then I apply the Deep Conditioning Mineral Mud Mask.
  3. I finish with The One and spray it all over the hair and complete the styling with the Mineral Drop on the ends.

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    Oily Hair Routine

    1. My recommendation is to use the Mineral Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner
    2. Spray The One all over the hair
    3. Continue with applying the Volumizer spray throughout the hair and finish with applying the Sculpting Lotion on the ends.  

    For Curly and Textured Hair Routine

    1. Use the Divine Curls Shampoo + Conditioner
    2. Apply the Divine Curls Mineral Mud mask together with the Mineral Drop; leave on for 3-5 minutes & rinse out and spray The One all over the hair.
    3. Cocktail the Leave in Mud, the Divine Curl Cream and the Mineral Drop and apply on to hair and style.