The Mineral Drop Hair Serum for Reduced Frizz
Lightweight non-oily Hair Serum
Hair Serum for a Healthy-Looking Finish
Healing product for dry damaged hair
Mineral Drop Back Label and Ingredients

Mineral Drop

A superlative serum that smoothes, styles & softens all hair types

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Saphira's Mineral Drop is the ultimate refined non-oily gentle serum that controls flyaways and frizz; hydrates dry and damaged hair without leaving any residue and keeps hair styled and controlled as desired.  

  • Comprehensive styling serum & easily absorbs into hair
  • Can be cocktailed with other Saphira styling products
  • Light texture adds volume and balance without weighing down the hair
  • Does not leave a greasy nor oily residue on hair and hands
  • Can be a great beard serum/oil

Healing Minerals nourish, moisturize and hydrate hair

Limonene a refined oil from Citrus fruits prevents hair loss and nurtures new hair growth


Unisex and for all hair types.


Pump 1-2 drops on to palms, massage together and work evenly from mid-shaft to ends.


Saphira's signature unisex fragrance is fresh, earthy, natural and clean.

healing minerals for the hair and scalp
The Science of

26 Minerals

Saphira's 26 minerals play an integral role in the health of our hair and scalp. Studies show that the first signs of being mineral deplete include hair breakage, lifeless hair strands as well as causes hair follicles to be compromised.
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Award-Winning Hair Care Line

"Saphira Is the Answer to Today’s Stressed and Damaged Hair" – BeautyLaunchpad Magazine, Feb 2020.

Modern Salon featuring Professional Hare Care Line Saphira

Modern Salon

"Formulated to renew tones and help repair damage from lightening and other color processes."

How-to Use

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