How Our Story Began

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About Us

Saphira a female founder and CEO, has a mission to empower, heal and give back by way of beauty. Saphira is a salon professional healing hair care line infused with 26 minerals. The Saphira philosophy believes that each person has her/his own unique “minerals” or beautiful qualities. 

Find the Minerals in You.

Our Philosophy

Find the Minerals in You

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Point of Difference

Research shows that the 26 Minerals, found in the Dead Sea, the lowest surface on earth, have the maximum healing results for the skin. Saphira is the first to infuse these minerals in products for the hair and scalp in the professional beauty industry. The results are incredible!

Giving Back

Saphira is dedicated to giving back and to support a variety of charities whose goal is to provide both healing and empowerment to children at risk.

Why Minerals?

Minerals play a crucial role in our daily bodily functioning and in our scalp and hair. A deficiency of essential minerals make us vulnerable for premature hair loss and unnecessary breakage and damage of hair follicle development.