Divine Curls Mineral Mud 8.5 oz
Divine Mineral Mud - Saphira
The Saphira Divine Mineral Mud gives Definition & Moisture to Your Curls. Ingredients: 26 Dead Sea Minerals, African Shea Butter, Black Seed Oil and Natural Essences.
Divine Mineral Mud - Saphira
Divine Curls Mineral Mud 3 oz
Divine Curls Mineral Mud 16.9 oz
Divine Curls Mineral Mud 34 oz

Divine Mineral Mud

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Mineral Mud for textured hair is a deep conditioning healing treatment with 26 essential minerals combined with black seed oil and African Shea butter.

  • Repairs and moisturizes damaged curly hair
  • Restores health to hydrate deprived curls
  • Penetrates every curl and completes the shampoo/conditioner process
  • Adds strength, definition, softness and shine
Apply the Divine Mineral Mud onto wet hair and leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse out. To insure best results, repeat the process. For daily use.
  • Enriched with 26 Active Dead Sea Minerals
  • African Shea butter
  • Black Seed Oil
  • Essential Minerals

Why Saphira?

Find the Minerals in You

The Saphira philosophy believes that each person has her/his own unique “minerals” or beautiful qualities. Just as the minerals revitalize, moisturize and heal, Saphira encourages each person to find the “minerals” from within and to make positive contributions to our families, community and to the world.

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