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Manage Auto-Replenish Plans

Edit, cancel and update the auto-replenish plans your'e subscribed to on
Auto-Replenish FAQ

Mange the auto-replenish plans you're subscribed to on Edit future orders shipping address, update orders frequency, cancel plans and see your orders history.

Manage Your Saphira Account

Some of our customers might experience an issue in which they can't access their account on the website even though they placed one or more orders in the past.

This might happen because you either don't remember your password or due to the major update we made to our website back in December 20.

DON'T WORRY! All your orders are safe and saved in your account.

To resolve this, please Reset Your Password to gain access back to your account.

To cancel your Auto-Replenish monthly plan:

1. Login to your Saphira account. If you don't have one, simply Register a Saphira Account using the email you made the purchase with.

2. Click My Auto-Replenish Plans

3. Choose the Auto-Replenish plan you wish you cancel.

To update the shipping address of an existing subscription, please follow these steps:

1. From our website, select the Account Management icon on the top right menu.

2. Sign in to the account that has the active subscription. If you don't have one, simply Register a Saphira Account using the email you made the purchase with.

3. Click My Auto-Replenish Plans.

4. Select Show details under the subscription you would like to update the shipping address for.

5. Click Edit next to "Address and shipping information".​

6. Select an existing address or enter a new address.

7. Select Save Changes.

Once the shipping details have been updated, all future recurring orders will automatically reflect this new information on the generated orders on our website.

To update your physical shipping address:

1. Login to your Saphira account. If you don't have one, simply Register a Saphira Account using the email you placed the order with.

2. Click View addresses. A list will appear with all the addresses you added in the past.

3. Choose the address you wish to update. Click Edit. A form will appear where you can edit your address.

4. Once you finished editing, click Update Address.

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