“Hair is My Art”


Julian @jeweldoeshair is a master stylist working at the Fringe Hair Design Salon in Woodstock, NY. Julian has a passion for creating art with hair being the canvas. He is driven to educate and to share his knowledge and experience with stylists behind the chair. He continues to search for the newest trends, techniques and tricks in order to remain current. Julian believes that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and his mission is to make that a reality when a guest sits in his chair.

What/Who inspired you to become a stylist?

I was inspired by a hairstylist who I knew as a teenager.

What do you love about being a stylist?

It's so awesome that you can be creative, unique and be able to express oneself with the additional benefit of being able to support oneself.

Who is your favorite kind of client?

My favorite client is someone who values my opinion and time; and who doesn't question my pricing or policies.

What gets you through the tough moments/days?

My family and friends get me through the tough times.

Saphira educator - Julian Normand

What is your life mantra?

Keep a positive attitude and stay dedicated to your goals and you can achieve whatever you want.

What makes Saphira stand out from other brands?

it's a family-owned business with a woman CEO who has a philosophy of healing the hair from the inside out.

Share Tips & Tricks about Saphira

Saphira Tip: Use the Leave in Mud, and cocktail it with the Rejuvenating Styling Cream and see how it creates a soft hold with a beautiful shine. This works especially great on blowouts for dry, coarse and damaged hair. If you’re looking for that smooth finish - this works great!

Watch this video to learn how to get the perfect curls