How Being a Stylist Defines Me with Dawn Gorman

What/Who inspired you to become a stylist?
When I was 4 years old I said "when I grow up I want to be a hairstylist.  I live my dream everyday!
What do you love about being a stylist?
I've been a stylist since I was 16 years old.  It's a lifestyle for me.  it's not a job or career, it's what defines me.  I love everything from the stylists I've worked with over the years, from all the clients I've gotten the privilege to do.  I love being creative and making people look and feel amazing.
Who is your favorite kind of client?
My favorite client is someone who wants formal styling and cutting along with a large transformation from color, cutting and overall look.
What gets you through the tough moments/days?
As long as I am doing hair, I'm in my happy place.
What is your recommended easy hair routine for normal  - dry hair, Oily hair 
Fresh clean hair, moisture and bonding treatments
Moisture is important but not to over cleanse is best for curly hair; embracing your natural hair texture is best. 
What Makes Saphira stand out from other brands?
Saphira has products for all hair types; the smoothing treatment is wonderful, plus it helps repair and heal the hair while de-frizzing, smoothing, adds shine, locks in color, nourishes the hair, and cuts down the blow dry time.  
Share 2 tips and tricks using Saphira and list the products 
1. Use the treatments (Mineral Mud Mask, Smoothing Treatment) on Remy Human Hair Extensions to restore the hair during each application.
2. Use The One or Mineral Mud masks to fill the porosity before a glazing/glossing/toning service.
3. Pre-treat the hair before a lifting or lightening service with Mineral Mud masks of your choice/needs.
Dawn Gorman
The Look Salon and Spa