Ashley Rios

I wanted to be a hairstylist because my aunt was a hairstylist and she has such a beautiful personality she always knew how to make everyone around her feel beautiful and important and it meant so much to me i wanted to make other people feel like that.

My favorite thing about being a hairstylist is that every day is an opportunity to create a beautiful red, blonde, brunette, etc with new techniques or education because i'm always learning something knew and putting it into action and seeing the results makes me want to keep striving for more!

My favorite kind of client is someone who not only values my style and personality but a client who appreciates quality, honesty about goal expectations, and understands my recommendations are always based off whats best for you and your hair! 

What gets me through the tough moments? 

Espresso!, lol but truly my salon family gets me through everything. Having supportive people in your environment makes the biggest difference in this career. 

My life mantra is :
“ I don’t make Mistakes, i make discoveries.” No failure is ever a failure it's a lesson.

Normal / Dry hair:
Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner the one leave in and mineral drop oil

Oily Hair:
Volume mineral treatment shampoo & conditioner, volumizer spray, the one leave in 

Textured hair:
Divine shampoo & conditioner, divine curl cream, mineral drop oil

Saphira is the ONLY salon professional line that uses minerals from the dead sea. I love that Saphira Hair care products aid in healthy skin and hair because our scalp health is so important! 

Tips & tricks

Use Dry Shampoo after a fresh blowout! It will soak up oils before they’re created and give a longer lasting style!

For perfect curls use the Divine Curl Cream and Mineral Drop oil for the perfect curl routine! 

-Ashley Rios