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  • Mineral 18K gold plated bracelet


    Saphira Mineral 18K gold plated bracelets promotes balance, strengthens scalp and hair and sustains the flow of good energy between your heart, mind and soul.

  • Saphira Designer Holiday Gift Box


    Just in time for the Holidays!
    Mineral Healing and Hydrating Collection
    (Saphira Signature Diffuser included for FREE)

  • Mineral Moisturizing Shampoo


    ≈ Cleans by disconnecting dirt from the hair and then dissolving it without disturbing hair color or keratin treatments.

    ≈ Nourishes hair with 26 minerals

    ≈ Keeps hair cuticle closed (because of 5.5 pH balance)

  • Mineral Treatment Shampoo


    ≈ A small amount of product goes a long way

    ≈ Rebuilds chemically treated hair with protein enriched minerals

    ≈ Adds strength, elasticity and maximum volume for thin or fine hair

  • Divine Shampoo



    ≈ Gently cleanses and nourishes each curl

    ≈ Infuses the essential minerals that curls have been deprived

    ≈ Provides greater curl flexibility

    ≈ Restores curl health

  • Mineral Moisturizing Conditioner


    ≈ Created for moisture deprived hair (coarse, frizzy and very dry)

    ≈ Enhances vitality and natural health of hair

    ≈ Provides a smooth texture (pH balance of 5.0)

    ≈ Provides smoothness to the cuticle and eliminates frizz

  • Mineral Treatment Conditioner


    ≈ Body building protein minerals formulated to be used with the Mineral Treatment Shampoo for max results

    ≈ Excellent product for highlighted, stressed, thin and fine hair

    ≈ Strengthens hair from the inside out

  • Divine Conditioner



    ≈ Use with Divine Shampoo for complementary and maximum results

    ≈ Conditions and hydrates without weighing down the curls

    ≈ Softens and defines each curl to allow for greater styling options

  • Hot

    Mineral Mud


    ≈ The blend of minerals creates a unique moisture that heals the scalp as well as generates hair growth

    ≈ Leaves hair feeling silky smooth

    ≈ Created for hair but amazing positive results for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis

    ≈ Minerals are activated with water and heat

    ≈ Promotes extreme shine

    ≈ All-Weather conditioner – Will not oxidize, clump or change texture/concentration in different climates

    ≈ Reduces itchiness, dry scalp, inflammation and dandruff

    ≈ Prevents frizz and helps mend split ends

  • Leave In Mud


    ≈ Leave in Conditioner that adds another layer of moisture

    ≈ Great for wavy, curly & multi-textured hair

    ≈ Heals, repairs and refreshes hair

  • Mineral Drop


    ≈ Moisturizes the hair to the root

    ≈ Light texture adds volume and balance without weighing down the hair

    ≈ Easily absorbs in the hair

  • Divine Mineral Mud



    ≈ Repairs and moisturizes damaged curly hair

    ≈ Restores health to hydrate deprived curls

    ≈ Penetrates every curl and completes the shampoo/conditioner process

    ≈ Adds strength, definition, softness and shine