Giving Back

& Appreciation

As a Psychology major, Saphira focused on Positive Psychology and the importance it has on young girls. Modeled after the Harvard University based non-profit, Strong Women, Strong Girls, Saphira created empowerment programs in schools and residential treatment centers in Israel for young girls at risk. Each week, Saphira implemented curriculum for girls between the ages of 10-12. The outcome of these sessions, exceeded all expectations, laying the important foundation of self-confidence and hope.

When Saphira launched Saphira LLC

When Saphira launched Saphira LLC, she carried these experiences with her. She decided that one of the most important goals of creating a successful business is to support empowerment programs for both young girls as well as populations at risk.

The Saphira family also has great appreciation for the talents of individuals with special needs. Therefore, many of the Saphira products and promotional items are assembled by individuals with special needs, providing gainful employment and self-respect.

Saphira believes that success is measured by how we give back.

Design Your Own Shampoo

Over 100 girls living in a residential treatment center between the ages of 8-14 participated in a Saphira Design your own Shampoo event. Saphira introduced the program with inspiring and encouraging words. Saphira then distributed blank Saphira shampoo bottles and the girls were provided with lots of fun glitter, markers, paint, stickers and more to make designs that reflected their own individual creative spirit. Saphira asked the girls “if you could be the CEO of Saphira for a day, what ingredients would you add to make your day so much better?” The girls immediately responded with ingredients such as faith, love, kindness, passion, belief, strength and more. Some of the girls shared that they chose ingredients that would make them feel stronger. Saphira reminded the girls that although the event is over, they should remember that every time they use their shampoo, those wonderful ingredients are with them everywhere they go.

Pop Up Saphira Salon – Pediatric Oncology Ward

Saphira in partnership with Cascada created a pop up salon in the Pediatric Oncology ward. The mothers of these children suffering with cancer have been in the hospital for months sleeping next to their child to give him/her the love and support that they need. Stylists and Cosmeticians volunteered their time and created beautiful hairstyles, hair cuts for the moms and manicures, pedicures and facial treatments for all the children. Even though it was a hospital setting, at the end of the day the moms and their kids were smiling from ear to ear. Everyone was given Saphira products as thank you presents for sharing their day with us.