Saphira's Valentine's Day Haircare Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Give the Gift of Love + 26 Minerals

Gift and empower those you love with the most healing and hydrating premium hair care products infused with 26 minerals.

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A Saphira E-Gift Card will give those you love the abiliity to choose the Saphira gifts of their choice.

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Black Friday Professional Hair Care Sale
Saphira's hydrating shampoo, conditioner and non-greasy hair serum gift set with FREE luxurious water bottle
Gift Boxes

Whether you are looking to freshen up your curls, hydrate your dry hair or boost your fine hair, Saphira has the perfect gift option for you.

Hair care duos & sets
Just The Two of Us

Take a look at Saphira's all time go to's and favorites:

Salon professional shampoo and conditioner for fine and thin hair