Mineral Dry Shampoo - Saphira
Travel friendly Dry Shampoo - Light and safe to take with you in carry-on bags
In humid climates and warmer climates, Saphira Dry Shampoo helps keep oil and grease at bay
You can take Saphira Dry Shampoo with you to work without washing your hair while keeping your hair and scalp clean and smelling great
Refresh and clean your hair after gym or workout without washing your hair.

Mineral Dry Shampoo

Cleans, refreshes renews, absorbs oil and keeps hair healthy without any residue

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Saphira Mineral Dry Shampoo for normal, dry, damaged and oily hair is a non-toxic dry shampoo that cleans, refreshes, adds volume and extends the life of blow-outs without leaving a trace of residue. It absorbs oil and toxins and gives the hair a boost while protecting the color as well. After using the Mineral Dry Shampoo, hair will feel soft, natural and renewed. 

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For All Hair Types


Shake well, spray 8 inches away from hair; wait 30 seconds, massage into hair and brush through.


Fresh, earthy and natural scents

healing minerals for the hair and scalp
The Science of

26 Minerals

Saphira's 26 minerals play an integral role in the health of our hair and scalp. Studies show that the first signs of being mineral deplete include hair breakage, lifeless hair strands as well as causes hair follicles to be compromised.

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