The One - Saphira
The One - Saphira
The One - Saphira
The One - Saphira
The One - Saphira
The One - Saphira

The One

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The One is a leave on mask infused with 26 active minerals that blends multiple benefits into one amazing product. It controls frizz, heals split ends, color saver, heat protectant, a detangler and has a low pH. This advanced leave on spray mask is great for all types of hair.

≈ Has low pH of 3.8 and can be applied on to color (as equalizer) and will enhance color treatment by sealing the cuticle

≈ Use as a cutting mist after color is deposited

≈ Benefits include repairs damaged hair, anti-frizz, heat protection, enhances color, color saver, detangles, adds shine, controls fly-aways, repairs split ends and adds volume.

Spray on hair when wet or dry and comb through. When applying color, spray The One onto each section to treat hair with a layer of minerals.
  • Enriched with 26 Active Dead Sea minerals
  • Pure Keratin
  • Obliphica Oil
  • Pistachio Oil
  • Macadamia Oil

    Why Saphira?

    Find the Minerals in You

    The Saphira philosophy believes that each person has her/his own unique “minerals” or beautiful qualities. Just as the minerals revitalize, moisturize and heal, Saphira encourages each person to find the “minerals” from within and to make positive contributions to our families, community and to the world.

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