Saphira Hold & Texture Hairspray
Saphira Hold & Texture Spray back label + ingredients list
Ultimate Long-Lasting Styling Hold Hairspray
Volumizing hair spray for dry natural looking hair
Strong long-lasting finishing hold deign hair spray

Hold & Texture Hairspray

Ultimate Long-Lasting Styling Hold Hairspray

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The Hold & Texture Hairspray provides a strong long-lasting finishing hold yet leaves the hair feeling soft, supple and easy to manage.


Water based spray

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Clean Beauty

We are always committed to be


Good for all hair types


Hold can 12 inches (30cm) away from hair and spray all over the hair.
Tip for increased volume: Flip your clean dry hair upside down and spray evenly at the roots.


Fresh and natural

healing minerals for the hair and scalp
The Science of

26 Minerals

Saphira's 26 minerals play an integral role in the health of our hair and scalp. Studies show that the first signs of being mineral deplete include hair breakage, lifeless hair strands as well as causes hair follicles to be compromised.

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