Mineral Plus Mud Intense Hair Mask
DIY Hair Treatment with Glacial Minerals
DIY Hair Treatment KIt
Mineral+ Mud
Intensive Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
Mineral+ Mud

Mineral+ Mud

Intense Healing Replenishing Treatment with Glacial Clay Technology

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Revolutionary luxury formula for dry & damaged hair fusing an increased concentration of 26 minerals with glacial ice extract and volcanic ash.
Glacial clay benefits for hair and scalpGlacial clay benefits for hair and scalp
The Science of

Glacial Clay Technology

Millions of years have passed and yet the transformative healing properties of the synthesis of volcanic ash and glacial ice extracts remain. Saphira has captured this geological phenomenon that will transform your hair into what you have always dreamed it to be.

26 Minreals Strengthen hair follicles

Glacial Clay Minerals Hydrate and nourish hair strands

The DIY Experience

1. Pour

Pour the Glacial Clay minerals inside the tube onto the contents of the Mineral+ Mud.

2. Mix

Use the provided spoon to mix the minerals with the contents of the Mineral+ Mud.

3. Apply

Apply a scoop of the Mineral+ Mud onto wet hair and massage evenly throughout the hair.

Leave-in for 5-7 minutes.

4. Rinse

Rinse out using warm water to activate the healing minerals.


Dry & Damaged Hair


Natural Earthy Fragrance

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Award-Winning Hair Care Line

"Saphira Is the Answer to Today’s Stressed and Damaged Hair" – BeautyLaunchpad Magazine, Feb 2020.

Modern Salon featuring Professional Hare Care Line Saphira

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"Formulated to renew tones and help repair damage from lightening and other color processes."

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